Video Gallery - Golf Tips by Karen Noble

Aligning Your Tee Shot

Director of Instruction, Karen Noble, discusses how to align yourself for your tee shot. This is often overlooked as golfers are concentrating on making good contact with ball and hitting it straight. Karen will teach you a simple but important tip that will help you hit the ball in the middle of the fairway!

Pre-Shot Routine

Director of Instruction, Karen Noble, shows us the best way to set yourself up for a great shot. This can help you clear your mind before your shot by developing a consistent routine. From feet to hands, this tip can help amateurs start off on the right foot.

Green Side Bunker Shots

Director of Instruction, Karen Noble, teaches us how to effectively use a sand wedge out of a bunker and onto the green. Karen explains why a sand wedge is constructed the way that it is and how simple adjustments can improve your game.