Guest Information

Welcome to Fairmount Country Club. In an effort to assist you while visiting the Club, the Management team has highlighted a few rules the Club asks you to observe.


The Dress Code for the clubhouse is Country Club casual. Certain Club functions may require a jacket. Women may wear pants, slacks, Bermuda length shorts, skirts and appropriate shirts. Neat denim is permitted for weekday lunch. Cut-offs, sweat pants, halter tops and tee shirts are not permitted. Men must wear collared shirts. Sneakers are not permitted in the Dining Room after 5PM. Hats shall be removed in the clubhouse. Golf attire is permitted in all dining facilities. Tennis Attire (including tennis footwear) is permitted in the Clubhouse until 5PM. All children should be dressed accordingly.

Golf Course:
Golf attire includes shirts tucked in at the waist at all times, shorts no more than 6 inches above the knee, no cargo shorts / pants, and traditional hats worn in the conventional manner (not to be worn backwards).

Pool Attire:
Pool attire is strictly limited to the immediate pool areas and is not acceptable at the halfway house, clubhouse or any other area of the Club grounds. Swimming attire must be in good taste and consistent with country club standards. Denim is not permitted.

Tennis attire shall be generally consistent with accepted fashion guidelines for the sport. Tennis whites are not mandatory. Cut-offs and running shoes are not permitted. Tennis shoes, appropriate for Har-Tru courts are required.


Cell Phone usage for verbal conversation is only permitted in the following areas around the Club:

• Parking Lot
• Clubhouse Restrooms
• Grill Room
• Locker Rooms

Pool Area
Text Messaging may be used anywhere on the Club property. Members and Guests are expected to ensure that the use does not infringe on dining, recreational activities or affect golf pace of play.


Fairmount Country Club adheres to a no tipping policy in all dining outlets. Several positions within the Club may accept gratuities. These include: valet parking, locker room attendants, bag room attendants and the starter.

HOLE 1 – PAR 5

BLACK 550 GOLD 536 GREEN 515 BLUE 498 WHITE 443

Men’s Handicap: 3
Women’s Handicap: 1

Tip: Medium length par 5 with a small creek that intersects the fairway at about 100 yards. The green is raised and protected by deep bunkers on both sides.

HOLE 2 – PAR 4

BLACK 397 GOLD 386 GREEN 375 BLUE 356 WHITE 312

Men’s Handicap: 9
Women’s Handicap: 9

Tip: Dogleg right par 4 with a fairway protected on both sides by bunkers. The green slopes severely back to front with a fall off area on the right.

HOLE 3 – PAR 4

BLACK 428 GOLD 406 GREEN 386 BLUE 371 WHITE 305

Men’s Handicap: 5
Women’s Handicap: 5

Tip: Long par 4 with trees on the right and Southern Boulevard to its left. There is a creek that runs across the fairway at about 120 yards. Keep the ball below the hole on this tough green!

HOLE 4 – PAR 3

BLACK 170 GOLD 149 GREEN 129 BLUE 126 WHITE 81

Men’s Handicap: 15
Women’s Handicap: 15

Tip: A lovely par 3 over water to a fairly large green. The green is protected by bunkers on all sides with a slight false front.

HOLE 5 – PAR 4

BLACK 345 GOLD 322 GREEN 302 BLUE 266 WHITE 215

Men’s Handicap: 11
Women’s Handicap: 7

Tip: A short par 4 where tee ball placement is key. The fairway is protected by an overhanging tree on the left and a fairway bunker on the right. The second shot is over a pond into possibly the toughest green on the golf course.

HOLE 6 – PAR 4

BLACK 424 GOLD 408 GREEN 393 BLUE 389 WHITE 389

Men’s Handicap: 1
Women’s Handicap: 5

Tip: Our number 1 handicap hole begins with a challenging tee ball with trees lining both sides of the fairway. The approach shot is played into a small undulated green with a false front.

HOLE 7 – PAR 3

BLACK 186 GOLD 163 GREEN 144 BLUE 138 WHITE 133

Men’s Handicap: 17
Women’s Handicap: 17

Tip: Medium length par 3 with a large tree overhanging the left portion of the green.

HOLE 8 – PAR 5

BLACK 523 GOLD 497 GREEN 473 BLUE 421 WHITE 374

Men’s Handicap: 7
Women’s Handicap: 3

Tip: Double dogleg par 5 that must be played with precision. The drive and lay-up shot must be placed carefully in order to attack the flag with the approach. The green is relatively small that slopes back to front.

HOLE 9 – PAR 4

BLACK 343 GOLD 337 GREEN 330 BLUE 301 WHITE 301

Men’s Handicap: 13
Women’s Handicap: 13

Tip: Short par 4 with bunkers down the left side of the fairway. The approach shot is into a 3 club green that makes this hole always play harder than the yardage on the card.

HOLE 10 – PAR 4

BLACK 410 GOLD 390 GREEN 367 BLUE 352 WHITE 252

Men’s Handicap: 12
Women’s Handicap: 14

Tip: The back nine begins with a challenging par 4 with trees lining both the left and right sides of the fairway. The second shot plays uphill into a two-tiered green that is well protected.

HOLE 11 – PAR 5

BLACK 479 GOLD 463 GREEN 449 BLUE 433 WHITE 433

Men’s Handicap: 6
Women’s Handicap: 2

Tip: This par five that is on the shorter side where your score can sometimes be determined by the drive. With a drive in the fairway you might have a chance to reach it in two shots but if a drive is wayward it may force you to lie up in front of the water hazard that protects the front and right sides of the green.

HOLE 12 – PAR 4

BLACK 400 GOLD 355 GREEN 333 BLUE 326 WHITE 326

Men’s Handicap: 14
Women’s Handicap: 12

Tip: Straight away par 4 with bunkers on the left and right sides of the fairway. A good drive will set-up a good chance to make birdie with a good approach into a green that slopes back to front.

HOLE 13 – PAR 4

BLACK 219 GOLD 197 GREEN 186 BLUE 135 WHITE 135

Men’s Handicap: 16
Women’s Handicap: 18

Tip: Long par 3 that plays into a narrow green.

HOLE 14 – PAR 4

BLACK 408 GOLD 397 GREEN 387 BLUE 376 WHITE 306

Men’s Handicap: 10
Women’s Handicap: 10

Tip: This hole is considered the signature hole by course designer Hal Purdy. It is a dog leg right par 4 in which the fairway slopes to the right as well. The second shot is usually played down the hill into a very tricky green that is protected by bunkers and falls off on the left side.

HOLE 15 – PAR 5

BLACK 517 GOLD 505 GREEN 494 BLUE 447 WHITE 359

Men’s Handicap: 2
Women’s Handicap: 4

Tip: Last par 5 on the golf course that begins with a very challenging tee shot. There is out of bounds guarding the left side and large trees guarding the right. The second shot must bend slightly to the right to set up a clear approach to the green.

HOLE 16 – PAR 4

BLACK 405 GOLD 396 GREEN 378 BLUE 336 WHITE 336

Men’s Handicap: 8
Women’s Handicap: 8

Tip: Dogleg right par 4. Second shot plays into a very undulated green complex.

HOLE 17 – PAR 3

BLACK 196 GOLD 185 GREEN 180 BLUE 173 WHITE 118

Men’s Handicap: 18
Women’s Handicap: 16

Tip: Long par 3 that is guarded by bunkers left and right and a run up area in front.

HOLE 18 – PAR 4

BLACK 432 GOLD 416 GREEN 410 BLUE 403 WHITE 403

Men’s Handicap: 4
Women’s Handicap: 6

Tip: Difficult finishing hole with a ravine that runs across the fairway. Second shot is played into an uphill green guarded by bunkers.